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Internet Connections - Who does what?


Clarification of responsibilities regarding our service and your actual internet connection.

We understand that many customers do not fully understand the relationship of our web service to telecommunications issues. This article is to assist customers in understanding our role we have in the provision of your web services and to clarify our responsibilities in relation to that service.

ODLWEB (Optical Design) is a web site design and hosting service. As we are not an internet service provider, we do not provide your actual connection to the internet. As such, we cannot help you with issues related to your internet connection, phone, computer or wiring issues. These are the direct responsibility of your telecommunications provider or I.T. person. We have no authority over their systems.

We advise direct contact with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) EG: Telstra, Optus Adam etc.

Here is a brief list of issues and the recommended action:

  • Phone not working - Call telecommunications provder (EG: Telstra/Optus etc.)
  • Internet not working - Call ISP (Telstra/Optus etc.)
  • Computer issues - Call your I.T. person or company
  • Web site changes - Optical Design Help Desk
  • Web site not coming up - Optical Design Help Desk
  • Email not working (Must be an address with us. EG: admin@yourdomain) - Optical Design Help Desk
  • Email (other EG Call ISP (Telstra/Optus/Adam etc.)
  • Our Help Desk is located here:


Please note: We are not a telecommunications provider. We are your web host and design service. All enquiries related to your actual internet connection should be directed to tour ISP or Telecommunications provider.

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